Bamblup Biomes


It's the most well-known biome, the one you hear about in the stories, see in the books. Colorful like the rest of Bamblup island, it is filled with shiny rocks, shells and plants, and fish like to hang out here, meet their friends, have a nice cozy time. It's a sweet region, with delightful, peaceful color shades to please the eyes and be relaxed.


If you want diversity, whether it is in the seascape or in your neighbors, you are in the perfect place. Corals and colors unfold around you in this idyllic place. The feeling is one of its kind. It's like being encompassed by a moving rainbow, ruffled by the gentle waves caressing the seaweeds.


Blueish colors, glowing surroundings : this forest is one of the most peaceful biomes existing. Everything is a little shiny, colors are appeasing, you can get this warm feeling just by being in the middle of it. Swimming here is like swimming though the stars.


This place has always been weird. No one knows exactly why, but the see weed has twisted shapes, the rocks have strange colors and everything looks... well, kind of crazy. Dark, red-tone colored seascapes open around you, and if you look closely, you can notice fire fish swimming and dancing. This is the place where they feel the most at home.